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Mythia's Diary ~ Part Two: Trouble after trouble

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12th of February of the 4th Era

Finally our sailing ended up, we've arrived on the Mastership Island. On that moment the owner of the boat woke up, Tailebourg got really upset when he saw that he was wearing his brother's coat and he got that back for me to wear. I was relived that Hawk, the man with Vanshir's clothes, was acctually his friend, that calmed down Tailebourg. Well, the captain of the small city wasn't happy with the ship, looked like the evil energy wasn't all vanished...So they had to let the boat with them.

Once on land we found a nice tavern where we could eat and rest, there Tailebourg proposed to me! I was so shocked, I...answered yes, we are engaged now, when we'll get married only fate will decide. Inside the tavern we received some news, there were some thieves on those roads, their head was worthing gold, and Ulgol nows we need it. While we waited for instructions to act I had some chat with the tavernman, he told me he was looking for his brother, and he put a reward for bringing him back. Meanwhile Tailebourg's uncle had recovered from his sickness, he was quite happy and he wanted to test his new bow, he aimed on Tailebourg 'cos they are used to "play" on this way, he wears a good armor anyways, well the local sheriff warned that she doesn't allow fights inside taverns, Tingol didn't listen, he is old the poor fellow, so he released the arrow. None was harmed and everything was fine, but the sheriff's reaction was to get pretty angry and lock him inside a small cage, poor elf...he had only just get cured!

When everything was ready we left in order to find the thieves, we had to walk a lot, I met an cute asian magician, apparently she's with Hawk, we walked together for a while and we got into a forest in flames, in its deep we found a "pyromancer" and a zombie, I enchanted Tailebourg clothes in order to protected him and he went talk to the creature. I didn't think the it was evil, but I was mistaken, they've beat it, and I got its grymoire, but it's useless since I couldn't learn the spells...At least I made a good money on that mission. On the way back we found the tavernman's brother, there was just a tiny problem, he had being turned into a zombie! We fought against him and his crew, and got his body. I, Tailebourg and a young pirate walked together to get back to the tavern, in the middle of the way we were attacked! More undeads, so unlucky! I had only one mana left! The weirdest thing is that they called the tavernman's brother "uncle". Well we defeated them and I'll never know what they ment with that...

Once at the tavern we got our reward, Tailebourg was upset with his uncle locked and he was trying to bargain with the taverman his uncle's freedom to bring the dead brother back. Then the sheriff arrived and... a huge confusion started... I could only hear noises..the sheriff didn't gave a chance to them to explain what they were negotiate and trying to do, and she used spells on Tingol and Hawk to bring order, which was an abusive use of power..I mean no one there had killed anyone or made something terrible, watching that Tailebourg got mad and attacked her with his poisoned blade, not one, but three times. Everyone was concerned, except my fiancé, so Hawk made Tailebourg faint and put him into cage, and then they decided to resurrect the sherif, once they did it, she wake up and started to attack in order to kill everyone, this is in fact a sheriff with complete lost temper, she totally went mad attacking innocent people, I would undertand if she had only attacked Tailebourg, but everyone? In fact it was a true madness, I had to interfere, I could have used a deadly spell on her, but I didn't want anymore confusion, so I quiclky decided only to froze her, the problem is I got myself locked in there, I had to keep me concentration on her and there was none awake to help me. I was fortunate when a crazy barbarian and the resurrected tavernman's brother arrived, the brother helped me and he listened to all version of the history.

Blinded by her rage and madness the shriff wanted to see my future husband dead. The law decided that this could be solved with a duel, which would end only with death. So that was it, I could became a widow even before get married! I was incredibly worried, I gave my fiancé an enchanted stone that would protect him from death, and also Hawk helped him with some poison thing..I can't tell they were very discrete. When the battle began my heart was pounding and my soul unquiet. I'll pry for Ugul everyday 'cos my dearest fiancé won the battle.

But my day didn't end there, guess who else was on the way to the Mastership? My brother Lucious! He thought I had been kidnapped and confused, he wouldn't believe me! Tailebourg and his fellows came to rescue me, there was a fight. A rogue released me, I belive they call him Wolf, I am very grateful to him. My fiancè and my brother started to fight against each other, it was terrible! I tried to stop them, but they ended up solving everything with swords. I am just fine everything is fine now, my brother promised me he won't tell papa he saw me in his journey.

What a day han? Well I do need some rest...

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