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Mythia's Diary ~ Part One: Rescued?

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1Mythia's Diary ~ Part One: Rescued? Empty Mythia's Diary ~ Part One: Rescued? em Qua Fev 13, 2013 5:30 pm


2th of February of the 4th Era,

There was I, enjoying another day on the boat, sailing to a new adventure, when suddenly we were attacked! I can't describe it! It was all so fast! When I realized I was trying to survive in the middle of the ocean, only with Tailebourg on my side, how he was swimming with that heavy armor I can't tell. I cried for help when I saw a ship, fortunately they' rescued us. But we were now under their judgment. We were luck they've believed on us, and also there was a kind of ... angel... in there, I've never seen such creature in my whole life ... it, I mean she, do angles have sex scratch ? Anyways she made Tailebourg tell all his history, although he wasn't lying at first beginning. But our fortune was about to change...

In that boat some weird sickness was spreading...it's source was apparently a necromancer, such a pity he seemed to be such a nice person, we had to get him locked. But, Tailebourg new he was a nice person, and he felt he was a good fighter, so he released him in order to have him to help us againts the tritons attack! Suspect Yes! Meanwhile the disease problem the ship was being attacked by tritons, they made 6 holes in the boat, I had to keep turning the water around into ice to save us from sinking, the weirdest thing was they weren't evil, so we decided to chat with them. It wasn't easy they were quite aggressive. When we got to talk with one of them he told was that there was something cursed inside the ship, and that was the reason they needed to destroy it. Wasn't easy to negotiate with them, they wanted or a treasure or a life, I thought we could just explode the ship after our arrival on the island. Many liked the idea but some guy named Faelon didn't quite agree... he made us make some king of purifying spell on the boat, but before that I casted spells to protected one vampire and one demon that were aboard, I know in my heart they aren't evil... I love you

Anyways, all mages got together and spent they rest of our energies to get rid of the evil. I am glad everything turned out fine... we are all safe, for now...

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